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Aviation Services

Fitch Aerospace, Inc. offers a wide variety of aviation-related services, and there will be more to come soon.  Check out our services by clicking below, then call or email to schedule an appointment.

Pilot School


We offer pilot courses from "zero time" through Flight Instructor.  All of our courses include the necessary flight and ground training for you to pass your check ride and written exam.


If you are a businessman or professional with precious limited time who expects a no-nonsense approach, or a celebrity who requires a discreet company, Fitch Aerospace, Inc. will meet your needs.

Commercial Operations


We offer a variety of commercial airborne services.  If you need a service that you do not see listed, please contact Fitch Aerospace, Inc. to discuss your needs.


Aerial Photography · Deer Surveys · Search and Rescue · Disaster Survey · Pipeline / Powerline Patrol · Coastal Patrol

Aviation Management and Consulting


Owning an aircraft can be a lot of work and expense.  With our management services, you never have to worry.  We make sure your aircraft is taken care of and never misses a maintenance inspection.  To help defray the cost of ownership, we can rent your aircraft for you.  If you are thinking of buying an aircraft, but are not sure what would be best, Fitch Aerospace, Inc. can help you with that also.

Air Charter


Fitch Aerospace, Inc. in conjunction with Charter Flight, LLC will soon be brokering air charter flights.

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